Auto Tune Ups

The Basics Behind Engine Tune-Up Services at Garfield & Canal Service

  • Engine tune-ups used to be much more time consuming because they required a motorist to check a variety of parts. While not as many parts need to be checked today, engine tune-ups still include the inspection of: spark plugs and wires, oil and oil filters, and fuel filters. Regular tune-ups will ensure your engine is running efficiently and reliably. Engine tune-ups can help to both prevent breakdowns and extend the life of an automobile. Routing maintenance is important because a well-tuned engine will help keep a vehicle operating at maximum performance.


  • During a tune-up, our service staff will check your spark plugs. Your spark plugs are responsible for igniting the gasoline and air mixture that fuels your engine. We will check the condition of your fuel filters, which help stop debris from reaching your engine. If your fuel filter is clogged, it will lead to poor acceleration and overall poor engine performance. We can also look at your air filter, which prevents debris from entering the combustion engine. Restricted airflow causes your vehicle to lose horsepower by making your engine work harder.


  • During our tune-up, we can make sure that these parts will be performing optimally. Please check to your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals and contact us when your engine is ready for a tune-up.

We proudly service the Engine Tune-Up needs of customers in Clinton Township, MI and surrounding areas.  Contact us to learn more.